Sailcloth Tents for Weddings and Special Events

The Rental Experience of Sperry Tents Hamptons

Steve racing on "Columbia" - Sag Harbor Charity Cup 2006

In early spring of 2006, Steve Clarke took a road trip to Marion, Massachusetts, to meet with Tim and Matt Sperry in an effort to learn more about their tent making. He was deeply impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of the tents as well as their innovative and classic design. Soon after,  Steve took a leap of faith and Sperry Tents Hamptons was born.

To everyone’s surprise, the business grew much faster than expected, and Steve realized quickly that he needed help. Thankfully, he was able to convince his brother-in-law Doug Bryant that spending the summer in the Hamptons and managing tent installations would be a great fit with his winter job as a ski instructor. Doug’s artistic eye and attention to detail along with Steve’s emphasis on customer service are key reasons why Sperry Tents has become the “go-to” company for weddings, fundraisers, and family parties in the Hamptons.

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