Sperry Tents are a serene, top-quality blank slate for the lighting style of your choice. We can accomplish almost any desired look: romantic, coastal, garden-style, Boho, glam, glitzy – even modern. All of our rental lighting is top quality, with superior materials and finishes that you would choose for your own home.


European in feel, bistro strings are an instant classic under a Sperry Tent. Stretching from up high on our center poles down to the perimeter poles, they are eye-catching and yet subtle enough that they do not distract from or compete with tabletop décor. And they’re not just for tents: we can even string them over an outdoor patio, dining table, or dance floor for that classic outdoor bistro look.

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Traditional and contemporary collide in these artistic, handcrafted chandeliers. Their wrought iron arms encircle center poles, ending in 10 electrical candles that emit a soft glow.

Japanese Lanterns

These glowing orbs are ideal for creating a fairytale-like tent interior. Our Japanese lanterns float over dining tables and dance floors via subtle line, and are strong enough to comfortably light an entire tent and yet soft enough that the effect is ethereal.

Onion Lanterns

Just like the ones flanking front doors on sea captains’ homes throughout the East Coast, our onion lanterns are crafted from copper and are a traditional, nautically inspired lighting choice. Installed two per pole, these lanterns leave plenty of room for additional under-canopy décor or even the addition of bistro strings.


For advanced elegance, our crystal chandeliers represent a modern take on the glamour of period fixtures. Strung between center poles, they bring to mind Newport mansions, grand manor homes, and opulent ballrooms.

Accent Tent Lighting

Besides our main tent lighting options, we can create a more comprehensive, sophisticated lighting scheme for your outdoor wedding or event with accent lighting. This includes using pin spots to illuminate particular tables, employing stage lights to add a club-like effect to the dance floor area, and setting up perimeter uplighting to wash the tent canopy in soft white or even colored light.

Perimeter String Lights

Like Christmas lights but with bigger bulbs, our string lights are hung around a tent’s perimeter, creating an accented tent outline that glows when day turns into evening. String lights are standard equipment for a Sperry install, and are typically used in conjunction with under-canopy lighting options such as lanterns or bistro.

Perimeter Uplights / Ceiling Wash

Using can lights mounted at the top of each perimeter pole, we can direct a soft wash of light onto the Sperry canopy, in either standard white or a color of your choosing. This lighting effect adds drama and interest to the tent’s architecture at night, and enhances the party ambience for dancing.

Pin Spots

Mounted on our wood center poles, pin spots (or floods) can train a soft wash of light onto dining tables, bars, or food stations. The light can be white or your choice of color, and adds an extra level of interest to your after-hours lighting scheme.

Stage Lights

If you want to enhance the party atmosphere when your guests get up and dance, then stage lights are a must. Our stage lights provide a soft wash of light over performers and the dance floor. Different color choices available.