When you started researching tent companies, you probably thought all rental tents were essentially the same. As long as they protect against the sun and any inclement weather, it doesn’t matter what they look like, right?

Wrong! There is a huge quality difference among rental tents, and it’s important to know exactly what you are choosing before you sign on the dotted line and your event photographer shows up.

Sperry Tent canopies are crafted from genuine sailcloth

The Sperry family designed and built the first-ever sailcloth tent. Why sailcloth? Because Sperry Tents founder Steve Sperry was a sailmaker, and when he decided to make a party tent one day, he used the materials he had on-hand in his sail loft in Marion, Mass. A man of many talents, he also made the new tent’s wooden support poles using the sawmill on his coastal Mass. property. To this day, he still mills each and every Sperry center pole himself (in his seventies!).


What’s so great about sailcloth?

Standard frame tents – the kind you see at festivals or trade shows, typically have vinyl canopies and aluminum frames. Even other tent rental company’s supposed “sailcloth” tent is still made from thin vinyl.

Unlike vinyl, which has a telltale sheen, scent, and the potential for imperfect, factory-made seams, our durable sailcloth is ivory (not stark white), breathable, crisp, translucent to sunlight, and also translucent to event lighting at night, producing our trademark #sperryglow.


Why are Sperry Tents more expensive than other tent options?

Because each one is handmade by the crew at Sperry Fabric Architecture, a small company in coastal Mass. led by President Matt Sperry. SFA’s dedicated craftspeople are all local and specially trained. Its warehouse is not a warehouse at all, but a solar-fed, environmentally friendly post-and-beam barn. SFA’s “small batch” output means a higher priced tent with superior details and aesthetics.