Air Beam Construction Tents

Fast Tent Key Benefits

  • Quickly move tents between job sites
  • Keep crews dry and warm all winter
  • No lost work days due to inclement weather
  • Take on more work and guarantee delivery dates

The Fast Tent system is all about reducing weather related downtime so that you finish jobs on schedule, within budget, and with less waste. The end benefit for you is more profitable projects and more satisfied customers. It’s as simple as that!

Keep your crews working on swimming pools during the
winter at even below freezing temperatures.

Ideal for the Swimming Pool Industry

Swimming pool owners don’t want their pool or spa to be out of action in the summer months. This gives the swimming pool building industry a challenge with most repair and refurbishment projects taking place in the winter months when weather conditions are less than ideal for construction work.

Our swimming pool repair tent is designed to enable all kinds of swimming pool and spa works to be carried out in a completely protected and controlled environment.

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Air Beam Structure Features

  • Constructed from 630gsm flame retardant PVC
  • Double air conducting walls for excellent temperature and humidity control
  • Choice of 16 colors
  • Optional removable branding panels
  • 6 high level anchors + 4 mid level anchors + 12 ground level anchors on each side of tent
  • Dutch lacing + velcro rain flap at tent connections
  • 2 runs of webbing loops internally at 6ft intervals (for fixing lights etc)
  • 2 × 110V Air Blowers
  • Can be secured with supplied tent stakes or weights
  • Includes: Transport bag, anchor stakes, repair kit, and ropes

Why is Fast Tent different?


Fast Tent is a rugged & re-usable weather protection & environmental containment system. The system is designed to withstand high wind & snow loadings.

Modules can be installed on any terrain and in any weather. The inflation process takes just a few minutes.

Fast Tent is ideal for short term protection or where frequent relocation is needed.

Better Quality

The effectiveness of most tenting & sheeting systems is dependent on the skill of the installer and weather conditions during set up.

Since each Fast Tent module is manufactured and tested off site, consistency and quality is ensured. This also means we can incorporate colors and corporate branding.

Fast Tent provides a quality solution to protect work areas from poor weather & low temperatures.

Safer & Greener

As Fast Tent is self-supporting, no scaffolding frame is required and work at height is eliminated.

The system’s inflatable skin provides insulation and easier control of the internal environment and because a Fast Tent is re-usable there is no sheeting to be disposed of.

Fast Tent is a safe and sustainable solution.